REVEALED: One of the most sought-after financial analysts in the world
“leaks” details of a secret meeting to confirm the next U.S. president…



… And the #1 “TRUMP STOCK” set
to soar BEFORE he does

Fellow American…

On February 4, the president held a “secret” meeting at the White House…

In the room were four of the most powerful men in the country.

There were no official cameras…

No official minutes were taken…

No official record was made of the meeting at all.

A White House spokesperson has only now admitted the meeting did take place.

But I’ve uncovered what was discussed at this meeting…

It’s something Trump must do to win the 2020 election…

And it’s a move I’m so certain he’ll make, I’m willing to stake my entire reputation on it.

In fact, I’ve put together all the pieces — and after months of detailed research, I’ve discovered the true impact this covert plan could have on our country.

It could TURBO-CHARGE the U.S. economy…

Put Trump in POLE POSITION to win a second term in office…

And my research shows it could set one particular “Trump Stock” SOARING, pocketing you triple-digit gains in the process.

But look…

This story is already playing out as I write.

To catch the full force of this move, you’ll need to act quickly.

I’m so convinced the next 12 months could be your most profitable yet, I’m staking my entire reputation on it


My name is Graham Summers.

I’m a bestselling author and financial strategist…

I’ve had clients in over 56 countries around the world.

My research is sought after by the likes of Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and UBS

Intel, Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo

Even by BP, the Royal Bank of Scotland and JP Morgan.

My insight is highly rated by the likes of Ron Paul and has been featured in The New York Post, CNN Money and Thompson Reuters.

I’m not afraid to go against the grain and put my name on the line…

What happened?

The markets saw the worst December on record since 1931, and the Fed was forced to reverse its policy.

Bottom line is:

I do not make predictions lightly…

But when I do, I get them right.

Only after weeks and months of detailed research and analysis would I urge a concerned reader like you to take action.

It’s why I’m writing to you today…

I firmly believe NOW is the time to make another big call.

I’m going to exclusively reveal in this letter the truth about what’s really happening in the White House…

And how you could make a fortune from what’s set to play out over the coming weeks and months in the markets.

You’ll be able to sidestep the mainstream and become one of the few people who’ll get to see what’s REALLY going on with the 2020 election…

And the impact it will have on the markets.

But look…

If you want in on this…

If you want to know Trump’s next move…

And if you want to know how to use this information to potentially make a small fortune…

It’s important I’m clear about what’s going on here.

You see, there is one part of the puzzle being put into place as I write…

It’s the ONE SINGLE MOVE that will all but guarantee Trump’s victory.

But more importantly…

It’s the one move that could help YOU make a killing.

My extensive research shows, if you play this right…

You could ride a new wave of wealth about to flood the market in the next 3–9 months.

I wish I could be more specific than that…

But this story is moving so fast, and new developments are breaking all the time.

What I DO know is that when it does happen…

It’ll happen fast.

That’s why it’s so important you take steps to position yourself NOW.

Because every time we’ve seen a move like this in the past, we’ve seen some stocks make serious gains.

Sure, not every stock will see gains like this. Some will take a hit too.

But for the right companies, the effect can be huge.

For example…

Hartford Financial Services (HIG) soared 143% in a matter of weeks…

IPG Photonics (IPGP) rose 178% in a few short months…

And Delta Air Lines (DAL) took off 98%

Sure, those are pretty significant moves…

But it’s nothing to what I expect to happen this time.

When fully triggered, the move I’ve uncovered will send the markets soaring…

We could see the Dow DOUBLE…

The S&P 500 could hit all-new highs…

But even then…

I’ve ALSO discovered one potential play that is already proven with historical data to outperform the S&P 500 FOUR TIMES OVER.

Imagine that.

Seeing the markets soar to new highs AND the chance to outperform them four times over…

But look…

This is all very exciting and represents a great opportunity for you.

But the fact is:

It could all happen BEFORE Trump wins a second term.

In a matter of months you could be cashing out on double- and triple-digit gains.

But ONLY if you position yourself correctly BEFORE this event takes other investors by surprise.

You see, the full force of Trump’s plan will mean some companies will take a big hit.

Some could go under altogether…

But some could very well go flying to new levels.

It’s those companies I’m writing to tell you about today…

And why I want to show you that…

Donald Trump
WILL win in 2020

Look, it’s almost a done deal already…

I can tell you the president will essentially secure his second term in office BEFORE this year is out.

There’s just one more piece of the puzzle he needs.

It’s a big, decisive move that will see him follow in the footsteps of Nixon, Reagan and Bush and get reelected for a second term…

As soon as this move is fully triggered…



I’m writing to you today because I believe his plan is already falling into place as I write…

So it’s CRUCIAL you position yourself NOW

If you wait a moment longer, the chance to take full advantage could pass you by.

Of course, I should point out that when I refer to these as “Trump Stocks,” it’s not because they’re specifically affiliated with the government or Trump’s businesses.

It’s just that I believe it’s these companies that will most benefit from Trump’s policies in the weeks and months ahead.

And look, when it comes down to it…

“This is about making money, plain and simple”

Before I tell you why I want to send my research to every American who responds to this invitation — let me tell you what this letter is NOT about.

This letter is about is giving you access to the kind of insight the real money-movers have.

It’s about putting you as close to being “in the room where it happens” as you can get…

The room where the big decisions are made…

Like when four of the most powerful men in the country sat down in the White House on February 4…

Source: Wikimedia Commons. Donald Trump, Steven Mnuchin, Jerome Powell, Richard Clarida.

In this covert meeting, you had President Trump

His Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

The Fed Chairman Jerome Powell

And his Vice Chairman Richard Clarida.

As you know — where the economy is concerned, these four men are perhaps the most important financial influencers in the world.

In fact, this single meeting could have a huge influence across the entire global financial system.

But strangely, very few people even know the meeting took place.

Today a lot of people have forgotten it ever happened.

It’s why I needed to write this letter…

You see, thanks to the months of deep research I’ve been doing into this, I can finally tell you what I think really happened.

So listen…

And remember the next phrase I tell you…

Because you’ll see it plastered all over the mainstream media more and more in the runup to the 2020 election.

What is it?


“Trumpslide set to send
markets soaring”

I don’t just think Trump will win…

I predict a landslide victory for Trump in the 2020 election.

How will he do it?


By forcing the Fed to go on an unprecedented campaign of lowering interest rates to goose the markets.

And if you position yourself for what’s coming — it could be your most financially successful year ever.

In fact, I believe one stock alone could pocket you triple-digit gains

But I’ve also outlined FOUR MORE investment opportunities that could supercharge the money in your wallet.

Still, you might wonder why I’m so convinced about this move that I’m staking my reputation on this?

The easy answer is:

My prediction is ALREADY coming true.

Trump has already begun to strong-arm the Fed.

I’ll fill you in on the full details in a moment.

But it’s important to understand…

Trump MUST follow this course of action — if he wants to stay in power.

I mean, just look at the last five presidents who FAILED to win a second term…

Source: Wikimedia Commons. George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Herbert Hoover, William Taft.

What links them?

They ALL failed to get reelected because the economy was screwed.


Remember the saying?

“It’s the economy, stupid”

Clinton famously ended George H.W. Bush’s run campaigning on it being all about the economy, stupid.

High interest rates and inflation tripped up Carter.

Stagflation and low economic growth plagued Ford’s time in power.

The crash of ’29 and the Great Depression ended Hoover’s hopes of staying in the White House.

And William Taft preferred being a judge in the courtroom to managing the economy. He was a huge let down after the good times of Roosevelt.

Meanwhile the likes of Nixon, Reagan and George W. Bush all secured second terms.


Because the economy was BOOMING during their presidencies.

When it comes down to it, plain and simple…

If you want to be reelected for a second term as the president of our country…

You need to make sure the economy is in good shape.

You need the markets to be going UP.

And that’s why Trump called this “secret” meeting in the White House.

He needs to get the economy pumping.

You see, prior to this “secret” meeting…

Things were NOT looking as good as Trump would hope.

For a while the Fed had been following a path of “quantitative tightening”…

You know this means raising rates and making money less available.

Trump didn’t like this:

It wasn’t just Trump who didn’t like this course of action…

Neither did the markets.

In fact, as a result, they crashed pretty hard at the back end of 2018.

Take a look for yourself.

You can see what happened to the S&P 500 as a result of the Fed announcing another round of raising rates at the end of 2018:

This is why Trump summoned Jerome Powell to the White House in February of this year.

The aim was to threaten Powell. To make it crystal clear the Fed must change their course of action…


Just 12 weeks later…

Powell and the Fed CUT rates.

But this was only the start.

There is much, much more easing to come.

Trump can’t afford to have the markets doing anything but going up.

He’s staking everything on it.

Trump himself told reporters in Washington on August 9, and I quote:

“If the Fed stops quantitative tightening, we’d have a rocketship.”


The “rocketship” he’s talking about is the market, which Trump knows is ready to rocket to a whole new level.

And when it does…

The “Trump Stocks” I’ve identified for you are set to soar, potentially pocketing you double- and triple-digit gains in a matter of weeks.

As you can see for yourself, Trump is already calling the Fed out in broad daylight, and he knows it will work.

But if you still need convincing Trump will get his way…

Consider this:

We know Trump is not afraid to go all out against Powell and the Fed…

You’re fired!

Trump knows how to win, and he’s
willing to do whatever it takes

Make no mistake, Trump is happy to point his finger and fire people…

That’s just a handful of people in major positions who Trump cut out…

And it’s not even taking into account the people who were all but forced to resign. People like Sean Spicer, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and U.S. Ambassador Nikki Hayley.

Firing people is not something Trump finds difficult.

Whether it’s a contestant on The Apprentice or the chairman of the Fed… it makes no difference to him.

He will sack Powell if he needs to.

Sure, for a sitting president to criticise the Fed is almost unprecedented.

Not since Harry Truman publicly battled with Fed Chairman Thomas McCabe has a president attempted to influence the Fed so brazenly.

But this is Trump.

He doesn’t care about how he is perceived by the fake news media.

He is ready to drain the swamp at all times.

And his single-minded nature is to boost the markets by any means at his disposal.

The February meeting was a clear threat to Powell and the Fed…

They MUST do all they can to boost the economy ahead of the 2020 election…

Or they’ll be fired.

It is as simple as that.

And as you’ve seen…

Since that “secret” meeting, where Trump laid it on the table in black and white…

The Fed has completely reversed its course on interest rates…

It’s now talking up the idea of printing more money to juice the economy.

And on July 31, the Fed CUT interest rates for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis.

But Trump is continuing to push for more.

After the 0.25 percentage point cut, Trump tweeted:

Trump publicly described Powell’s policies as being “insane” and is looking to get more of his own people into the Fed to force the issue.

Trump will not stop until the markets are firing on all cylinders, regardless of what the Fed thinks is best.

And this is how YOU could make a small fortune…

Because when the Fed really starts to ease things…

The markets will take notice…

And my research shows they’re going to take off big time.

Trump has said it himself: He wants to see them take off like a “rocketship.”

I predict they will.

Remember, every time we’ve seen the Fed intervene by lowering rates and pumping money into the markets, we’ve seen certain stocks take off.

The first time the Fed juiced the markets with QE back in 2008, Lincoln National Corp. (LNC) enjoyed a huge 98% gain

The second time we saw QE in 2010, Regeneron Pharma (REGN) rose 92% — that would’ve been an almost-DOUBLE-your-money opportunity in a few short months…

And after the third wave of easing in 2012, we saw Netflix (NFLX) soar 269%

But these are just a few examples of companies that were boosted by the Fed easing.

Bottom line is:

When the Fed starts cutting rates and introducing QE…

It presents Americans like you and me an amazing opportunity to make some massive gains in the short term.

I’m writing to you today because there’s one specific stock I think will benefit from Trump’s pressure on the Fed more than any other.

But first, let me be clear:

I’m not a Trump fanatic — I’m just being strategic about the facts on the table

Whether you love Trump…

Or hate him…

Frankly, it’s not important.

Not when it comes to taking advantage of this situation.

When it comes to making money from the financial markets…

You need to go with what IS happening — not what you want to happen.

It’s about taking positive action to PROTECT and GROW your wealth — in a real, tangible way.

We know when rates are low and money is easy…

Markets go up — and some specific stocks go up by a huge amount.

My research shows it’s happened every time the Fed pursues QE.

And now Trump is pressuring the Fed to comply with his policy, all of my research points to Trump winning a second term in a landslide.

Whether it’s good or bad for the long run, I’m simply following this research to its natural conclusion and advising you accordingly.

You see, with my help…

You could make a small fortune

Like I mentioned before, following my research, I’ve identified THE #1 STOCK that will lead Trump’s preelection boom.

This is without doubt one of Trump’s favorite companies.

He’s been a huge supporter of the company and has gone out of his way to visit their premises personally.

The fact is: Even his tweets about the company can appear to send its price up…

But as Trump forces the Fed to keep pushing rates lower and lower, it will help send this company’s share price soaring.

You could be looking at TRIPLE-DIGIT GAINS in a matter of weeks…

Or even just days.

When Trump came into power, this company’s share price even crushed the likes of popular tech stocks such as Apple and Facebook.

But as a result of the Fed tightening, the stock fell away.

With Trump working to force the Fed to now cut rates and pursue more quantitative easing, I expect this stock to shoot up.

The last time Trump achieved his policy goals, this company took off and more than doubled in just three months.

Take a look for yourself:

I expect this to happen again now.

As Trump works to force the Fed to do more QE to juice the markets, it’s likely to help one of Trump’s favorite companies start soaring again.

And this is your chance to get in on the action BEFORE it does.

If you think about making just one investment this year…

This should be it.

If you’ll allow me, I’ll send you my full research detailing exactly how you could position yourself right now to see the biggest potential returns on these specific investment opportunities.

But that’s not all…

I’ve also put together A SECOND RESEARCH REPORT outlining FOUR MORE “off-the-radar ‘Trump’ plays” you could make to potentially claim a fortune over the coming weeks and months.

I’ll send you BOTH these special briefings for free, as part of my very special offer to you today.

All I ask is that you put my research to the test.

Just see if it helps you as much as I think it could.

If not, that’s OK.

You can keep the briefing with my compliments.

So, let me tell you a little more about this first report I’ll send you…


The #1 “Trump Stock”
To Buy Today

With your permission, I’ll email you a PDF copy of this special research report in the next few minutes.

You can see it right here.

The report is called:

Trumpslide 2020: The #1 “Trump Stock” To Buy Today

Inside, I detail the one stock I recommend you consider buying today, including the ticker and suggested “buy” and “sell” levels.

The report goes into detail, revealing:

You won’t find this research anywhere else.

And there is no other way you can get hold of this report.

It’s a genuine WORLD debut I’m sharing with you here — I’ve not even shared this report with my most high profile clients.

And from the research I’ve done, if you get in on this one single stock right now…

You could ride a new wave of wealth about to flood the market in the next 3–9 months.

Like I said before, I really wish we could be more specific about when this will pop…

But I don’t want to mislead you…

You’ve got to remember investing comes with risk.

No matter how convinced you are of something happening, you should never put in more than you can afford to lose. Just because it played this way in the past doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to do so in the future…

Frankly, this story is moving so fast, and new developments are breaking all the time. It could happen even sooner.

On Twitter, Trump is now openly attacking the Fed:

This story is happening now.

It’s playing out as I write.

Frankly, I’m rushing to get this out to you so you can take advantage.

Trump has now positioned two more of his hand-selected guys in the Fed.

So the sooner I can send you my research along with this report and you can read it for yourself in full — the better.

It could be in your inbox in a matter of minutes.

But as I pointed out before…

As Trump’s plan starts moving the markets up, there are a whole lot of other stocks that could benefit.

It’s why I’ve put together a bonus report detailing FOUR MORE “TRUMP STOCKS” you should consider investing in today…


Four More Stocks To Buy Before Trump
Wins Again in 2020

These four stocks could be set to lift off in the coming weeks and months.

As Trump forces the Fed to pump more and more easy money…

We’re going to see the markets rise and rise.

And you could have the edge by getting in NOW.

Inside this brand-new report, you’ll discover…

I lay out in detail why I believe each of these stocks could present you with a huge opportunity if Trump’s reelection boosts the markets as he expects.

You’ll find suggested levels to buy and to sell…

And the details of the stock ticker for each pick.

I’ll send you a downloadable PDF copy of the report so you can decide whether to act on it as soon as possible.

But I do ask one favor…

I don’t want to limit the amount of people we’re able to invite here…

So I ask you to not — under any circumstances — share details of these stock picks with ANYONE else.

This is a chance for you to get an edge on most people out there…

I ask you grab it for yourself and, though it may be tempting to tell a friend…

Please don’t.

If I find my insight is gathering too big an audience, I may be forced to withdraw the offer to protect our existing readers.

Look, these two special research reports could be yours today — with this offer.

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But that’s still not all I want to send you today…


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The good news is…

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All I ask in return for all of this is that you just try something I’m already very proud of.


Strategic Impact
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Each and every month, in this extensive and deeply insightful research publication, I will analyze what’s happening in the markets and the economy at large and advise you on the best plays to make.

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You’ll receive my internationally sought advice and in-depth research on how best to position yourself through good times and bad.


My insight is sought after by some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world — but now I’ll be working in YOUR corner too

I don’t make predictions lightly.

When it comes to the financial markets, I tell it like I see it.

There’s no wonder the likes of Ron Paul seek my thoughts on what’s really going on in the financial markets:

I’ve been a financial strategist with clients ALL OVER THE WORLD, in over 56 countries.

My insight and expertise is sought after by the likes of:

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When you read stories about the Fed in the mainstream press…

It’s usually about “top level” policies.

You hear from the chairman, or maybe you’ll hear about what’s going on in New York.

The other branches of the Fed are much less talked about…

But it’s in analyzing what these less-public branches say that you can discover intriguing clues about what might happen on a national level.

In fact, eight times a year, the Fed publishes something known as the Beige Book.

For most, it’s as boring as it sounds.

From the Fed’s official blurb, it contains:

“…anecdotal information on current economic conditions in its District through reports from Bank and Branch directors and interviews with key business contacts, economists, market experts, and other sources.”

Doesn’t sound like a page turner, right?

And if you were to go into it alone, you might be left pulling teeth.

But this is where my Fed Insider report comes in.

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So, let’s look at what we’ve got on the table here… because we’ve covered a lot of ground.

Here’s what we know…

Trump is going to win a second term in office.

He’ll do so because he’s forcing the Fed to flood the markets with easy money.

And we’ll ride that wave as long as we can.

Our research shows you should expect to see triple-digit gains over the coming weeks and months.

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I’m 100% certain Trump will win the 2020 election by a landslide.

And this is your chance to make a killing when he does.

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Graham Summers
Editor, Strategic Impact
September 2019

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